The Missing Link in the Management of Running Injuries

There is no such thing as “perfect” running form but there are components of good form that can significantly improve efficiency and reduce injury occurrence.

inFORM RUNNING was created as an educational tool for injured runners and those professionals involved in runner rehabilitation.

The Focus of this website is to highlight components of running form that may be responsible for ongoing pain and injury in runners.

There is increasing scientific evidence that poor running technique is the main component in many common injuries sustained by runners. Original and worldwide scientific research, clinical expertise  and practical experience in running injuries have enabled us to identify several  of the faulty movement patterns responsible.

Sports Surgery Clinic Case Studies

By altering these patterns we are now seeing many of these runners  injuries resolving extremely quickly- even after several years of problems. Kinematics, Ground Reaction Force and Muscle activation sequences can all be significantly changed within short periods using various feedback tools and coaching cues.

We continue to develop and refine our unique process with fundamental running biomechanics at the core. By integrating biomechanics, sports medicine and coaching we are seeing unprecedented results. Running in good form was the ‘Missing Link’ in running injury rehabilitation.This is the most exciting field I have been involved with in over 20 years of athlete rehabilitation.- John Foster

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