inFORM Running – Scientifically Based Running Technique

Running Injuries Specialist, Consultant Chartered Physiotherapist and World Expert in Running Injuries – John Foster

Ireland's leading running injury clinic

There are a few common running technique flaws responsible for many running injuries. The InFORM Running Method corrects these flaws merging scientific research, clinical expertise and practical experience from over 25 years of treating injured runners. Faulty running movement patterns are corrected in easy to learn steps. Even long term injuries can be solved using this scientifically based running technique.


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This scientifically based running technique is the missing Link in running injury treatment and a breakthrough in athlete rehabilitation 

John Foster



“Within 2 weeks I was pretty much running pain-free, I could actually touch my Achilles without searing pain for the first time in over a year” – John

“I suffered shin splints for years until I changed my running style thanks to John”- Billy

“The cues John gave me are simple and effective. I now run this way naturally”- Donal

Easy to Learn. Fast Results.


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